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What is Accredited Training?

We are really lucky in Australia that we have Pilates training that covers different levels of formal qualification to define expertise level. We have courses that range from Certificate IV right through to the Advanced Diploma. As with any industry or profession, and especially with Pilates, the different levels of qualification will refer to a Pilates instructor’s scope of practice and expertise level.

“Accredited training” is the term applied to government audited and approved training that leads to a formal qualification such as a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma. These qualifications are recognised across Australia in line with standards and assessment guidelines outlined in national training packages and across sectors. An accredited course provider goes through a comprehensive audit process that ensures that training is nationally recognised and meets strict quality assurance requirements.

Courses must also meet all legislative, educational and industry ethical needs while designing training that provides outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment. Nationally recognised and accredited training has gone through many processes, been analysed and audited by many sets of expert eyes, and has been agreed upon that the training meets minimum standards for the student to enter the professional workplace. It relies on substantiated data that defines employability and industry standards.

The benefits of getting an accredited qualification:

  • Quality assurance, you know you’re getting training that is constantly reviewed to ensure a positive student learning experience.
  • Qualifications never expire! (don’t get stung with sneaky add-on “refresher” course fees.)
  • Be a professional and belong to a strong, recognised industry.
  • Differentiate your training from other training of lesser/cheaper quality, non-accredited and or branded private education providers.
  • You can upskill your current non-accredited training with an accredited outcome via RTO processes.
  • Builds pathways for higher education, specialties and career progression.
  • Employer confidence that you have comprehensive, standardised workplace training with ready to go professional teachers.

We also want the general public to understand the value of highly qualified versus not. I mean, you wouldn’t get your hair cut by someone who got their qualification on a single weekend course, would you? Comprehensive qualification is important. We want Pilates to stand alone as a profession, rather than a weekend warrior/hobby type image.

About Andrew

Andrew is a Pilates Practitioner (10538NAT) with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He was attracted to the Method after a long career as a touring, international dancer and teacher. A skilled mover, communicator and wonderful teacher, Andrew has also worked with several important Pilates lineages, including esteemed second-generation lines: Eve, Kathy, Romana and Ron. He has specialisations in pre- and post-natal training from the Centre for Women’s Fitness, astute biomechanical knowledge, and a keen interest in classical and evolved Pilates work. This wealth of experience makes Andrew an informed, professional and dynamic Educator, mentor and presenter. You can learn more about Andrew, and book a session with him, over on Our Team page or his website: Andrew Aroustian Pilates.