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The Complete Pilates Professional

10838NAT Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

All Pilates approaches in one comprehensive qualification – online. Learn how to develop creative and functional Pilates experiences in Matwork, Reformer and using the full complement of Studio apparatus. Plus specialised study of the Method for special conditions, including pregnancy and post-natal, rehabilitation and elite-level conditioning.

Course Structure

Work through your Learning Management System (LMS) modules: course content and online resources at your own pace. The LMS guides your learner journey with a combination of activities, interactive applications, and video demonstration so you can immerse yourself in the coursework. Online assessments are intuitively timed to consolidate and evidence your progress in each subject area.

Digital Work Placement elevates the practical context of your Coursework with on-the-job learning: online. Watch, practice and explore the Method in the Digital Studio, and put it all into action with teaching practise.

Observation: 100 hours total.
Teaching Practise: 200 hours total.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Pilates Method Fundamentals: history, principles, anatomy and physiology, and biomechanics.
  • Matwork Repertoire.
  • Matwork Programming for group class: The Pilates International Categorisation™ (PIC) System.
  • Reformer Programming for group class: The Pilates International Categorisation™ (PIC) System (Studio/Reformer).
  • Reformer Repertoire.
  • Small Apparatus Repertoire: Fitball, Magic Circle (Pilates Circle), Weights and Poles, and Theraband.
  • Studio Repertoire: Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels, Reformer.
  • Studio programming for IC, Private, Duet and Semi-Private: The Pilates International Categorisation™ (PIC) System (Studio).
  • Special Conditions: Pregnancy, Post Natal, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, Spinal disc pathologies, Tennis Elbow, Patellofemoral syndrome, Arthritic conditions, Whiplash, Scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis, Spondylosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Ageing population applications, Shoulder impingement syndrome, and Piriformis syndrome.
  • Teaching Communications.
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).
  • NAT10838001: Apply Pilates Method fundamentals to induction and instruction of Pilates.
  • HLTWHS001: Participate in workplace health and safety.
  • NAT10838002: Plan and instruct a Pilates Matwork class from introductory to basic level.
  • NAT01838003: Plan and instruct a progressive Pilates Matwork class.
  • NAT10838004: Plan and instruct an intermediate Pilates Matwork class.
  • NAT10838005: Instruct the Pilates Studio basic to intermediate small apparatus repertoire.
  • NAT10838006: Instruct the Pilates Studio introductory to basic Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838007: Instruct the Pilates Studio progressive Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838008: Instruct the Pilates Studio intermediate Reformer repertoire.
  • NAT10838009: Work within a Pilates industry framework.
  • NAT10838010: Use and maintain core Pilates industry equipment.
  • CHCCOM005: Communicate and work in health or community services.
  • CHCCOM006: Establish and manage client relationships.
  • BSBMED301: Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately.
  • NAT1083011: Plan and instruct Pilates Method programming for postural assessment and correction.
  • NAT10838012: Instruct the Pilates Studio introductory to basic Cadillac repertoire.
  • NAT10838013: Instruct the Pilates Studio progressive to intermediate Cadillac repertoire.
  • NAT10838014: Instruct the Pilates Studio introductory to intermediate Wunda Chair repertoire.
  • NAT10838015: Instruct the Pilates Studio introductory to intermediate Barrels repertoire.
  • NAT10838016: Undertake exercise planning and programming for Pilates Method clients.

Career Opportunities

On completion you will be ready to teach: group class Matwork and Reformer, and Studio Pilates in a Private (1:1), Duet (2:1) and Semi-Private (3:1) arrangement for all levels: Introductory to Basic, Progressive, and Intermediate. You will be skilled to teach clients with low-risk special conditions in all the above settings, including:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Post-Natal.
  • Low-risk spinal conditions.
  • Non-acute rehabilitation.
  • Elite-level conditioning.

These skills are a valuable addition to any existing movement or health-based qualification and professionals, including but not limited to: Physiotherapists and other Allied Health Professionals, Personal Trainers (PT), Exercise Physiologists, Yoga Teachers.

With this course you can work in almost any setting:

  • Pilates Studios.
  • Outdoor fitness.
  • Mobile arrangements.
  • Wellness sector: tourism, resorts, health retreats, holistic centres.
  • Health sector: in Clinic alongside other Allied Health or providers.
  • Corporate events/classes.



Our online Courses are “buildable”, so you can add-on a Reformer, and then Studio Pathway at any time to grow your career with Pilates.

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